Sweet Wind

Sweet wind lifts me up to the ocean
Let me float on its numerous waves
What  a silent night,it is so serene
With my back floating in the water
And with my eyes looking at the empty sky
It is so dark , there is no moon and no star
But wait I hear the thunder roaring.
Is that it ?Is this time to see the beauty of lightning in the sky?
Please come the rain, I await on your majesty
Sweet wind lifts me up to the sky
I want to see the magnificence a little bit closer
Here it comes! Now it's not too far!
Let me hear you! Let me hear!
Lightning strikes me and I fell back violently in the ocean.
I then reached the depth of the ocean
I walked under it like I was on Earth
I got too deep and fell out onto space
Sweet wind lifts me up to the stars
It is so beautiful! I see so much glory.
But why do I feel so empty?
Where are you sweet wind?
No! No!Noooo!

BY John Mayer. C
This poem should not be republished under the name of any other person beside the author's name mentioned above.


I was sitting on the bench at Park 
 She was lying between my arms as it gets dark 
It was quiet and serene 
As I hold my beautiful queen 
But all of a sudden she woke up 
She grabbed my arm and stood up 
I was still on the bench wondering what was going on 
But as I looked up to her  , I heard a beautiful sound 
Suddenly , my world changed 
I teleported to a mountain on another planet where I saw her
She was a giant in a shiny robe 
And her eyes were glowing gold 
Her hair was like diamond 
And her smile was a story that can only be told in a million years
She approached while I was looking at her and she said : 
I know your future 
You'll be my baby  father 
You'll be my husband and my dear lover 
I know your future 
I'll be your baby  mother 
I'll be your wife and your completer "
She then held my arms and levitated with me to the sky 
She kissed me and pointed north as a screen  appeared on the sky 
She pointed at the screen as images of our family appeared
She continued and said : 


One day , I was standing near a quiet river
Thinking about my one and only lover
As the sky got darker ,  I heard a whisper
It said : Come find me , my lover.
I turned around and saw a cabin with a sign that said : Enter .
I walked closer but all of a sudden the sky got angrier
Lightning blinded my sight
I got startled by the roaring of thunder
But I did not stop walking closer to the cabin
As I was just one inch close to the door , the whisper became stronger
I heard her say again: Come find me , my lover .
I then grabbed the door and tried to enter
But it was locked
As I feel powerless, my lover shouted :" I need a hero to  be my savior
A hero that makes me feel safe
I need a lover to make me stronger
Please ,get in Now! "
When I heard this , I took my fist and started punching the door
I hurt myself as the blood was flowing from my weak arms
Deprived of all strength, I begin to kick the door
However , my legs got sore
My body then lost all energy as I fall on  the ground
As my head lied on the…


A loud crowd shouts ceaselessly
Everyone is pointing fingers
But here you are 
" Here I am ," said Rex 
Will you answer ?
Will you defend yourself,Rex?
Will you say just one word?
Why are you so silent ?
Why do you let them do that to you?
Please, Rex , answer them 
Justify yourself in front of the assembly
Seek vindication and justice 
You have the rest right to do so
Say something to save yourself
Would you say something?
Would you whisper the truth?
Please, Rex , we need you to say something
The crowd is getting louder 
The people are getting angrier 
The whole world is mocking you 
You have become a subject of derision 
The beauty of your name has vanished 
Your dignity is no more 
Your deserved respect is nowhere to be found 
Rex, I am begging you to say just a word 
We need your words 
The voices are shouting 
I know you better than anyone
I Know what you stand for 
I believe that you are not what they say 
I trust your endeavor to righteousness
Why aren't you talking?
" I have someone talki…

Princessa Linda

A ti princessa linda,
Siento que me voy a enamorar de ti 
Porque cada dia penso en ti
Que cosa me esta  sucediendo?
Mi corazon esta en fuego
Un fuego que consume mi ser
Cada vez que te veo en mis sueños
Siempre sueño de tus besos
Que cosa me esta  sucediendo?
Tengo miedo  de amarte pero no tengo otra opcion
Soy tu prisionero
Se esta ahogando, mi corazon en amor 
Siento que voy a amarte
Mi vida ya no es vida sin ti
Cada ves que te pienso quisiera tenerte conmigo y abrazarte fuertemente
Yo estoy aquí para ti, mi princessa

BY John Mayer. C
This poem should not be republished under the name of any other person beside the author's name mentioned above.


Sit down , my son 
I've words of wisdom for you
" Go on father," 
You're so quick to listen 
This is a sign that you are special 
" Continue, father" 
I see my generation is different than yours 
Everything that your generation is 
Everything that makes up the youth is no accident 
My generation built up this world that has become more detached from love 
It is all because of my generation that the world is so divided
It's because of my generation that children are being raised with bad parenting 
I come to think of it , who built all those technologies?
Who came up with those greedy   industries? 
Who came up with the age of Sexualization?
Who created the nuclear bomb?
Who went to war with other  countries?
It is not  your generation, son
It is mine 
We , the elders, have left a dehumanized world to come 
Sometimes, I do not recognize this world 
But yet after all that we are guilty of 
We most of the time blame the new generation
" But why father?"
Because we are a…


See it now before it fades away
Enjoy the spectacular view 
Let your retina zoom in its way 
For you won't see it again 
Look up to the sky 
Let your head up until it's gone 
Stay on your feet although you will  fall to sleep 
Let you and your friends look up to your sky 
You will see it be gone piece by piece 
Call your family to witness your stars becoming supernova 
Call everyone to see your suns lose their light 
As the vigor and ampler of their heat vanish 
Feel your whole universe weaken to powerlessness
Embrace the premonition of its fate 
See it now before it fades away 
Enjoy the spectacular view 
For your youth is no more 
The fire of your diligence is no more 
Believe me when I say ,your beauty is to fade away 
Enjoy the spectacle of your temporary youth  
For it is ephemeral
Alas!It is ephemeral.

BY John Mayer. C
This poem should not be republished under the name of any other person beside the author's name mentioned above.