Saturday, May 20, 2017


As I lied on the bed, the Earth shook 
Time stopped and everything became immobile 
I walked from my room to the door
My astrophysical body flew in the sky 
Suddenly, I landed on an asteroid
I then heard a voice :
" I am here to show you the truth 
But it will sadden your heart ." 
I looked and a screen emerged in space 
In it, I saw a hospital 
My mom was just screaming 
My dad standing and looking
All faces were  nervous 
All was witnessing my birth 
When I came out , I cried 
But everyone was smiling 
Little they did know 
Little they did understand 
I was crying for a reason 
I felt the pain that was  in the world
The story continued with me growing up 
I saw myself falling in a coma after falling from a swing 
then drowning in a well 
Later , I became an adolescent flourished , succeeded and found love 
Unfortunately, the love disappeared 
It is life, everyone left without warning 
I became older with more wisdom 
I witnessed my story until today 
The voice then asked :
"Are you sure you want to continue looking?" 
I didn't say a word .
The voice added :
"I am here to show you the truth 
And it will sadden your heart " 
I then continued watching 
I saw a man with an Afro and a beard 
He was living on a mountain 
He spent his life working hard 
School , work , family and friends 
As he got older , he lied on a bed 
Surrounded by his friends 
The man looked up and said :
" Everything that I have done means nothing" 
His wife standing there kissed him on the cheek 
She was just crying and sitting on the corner of the bed 
then said to his children:
" Nothing matters in this life 
Find a purpose like I did 
The world is meaningless 
And full of lies 
School, work , family and all that 
They do not matter
All accomplishment mean nothing 
All achievements are vanity 
All that matters is eternity " 

He then closed his eyes and expired
After seeing that , I wept 
I turned into my body 
I walked into the living room 
I picked up a book and threw it on the ground
I wept again and sat on the ground

Monday, May 15, 2017



Those posts are written by the Author Onyekachi Nwogu . Her works are geared towards the excitement and exploration of the realm of short stories. Her stories allow readers to experience thoughts through a kaleidoscope of colorful ideas from the creativity of authors herein. Everything in life from the quantum realm to a  conversation is an endless cycle of dialogues, scenes, plots and climaxes. Thus, everything is a living story. To tell a story is to express which already exists naturally within the quintessence of reality . Let us come here together to exploit The Mindoscope  collection.

                                                          THE COFFEE SHOP

I closed the book with such vigor creating a loud thunderous clap which attracted a myriad of stares from the other customers in the coffee shop as I said under my breath “such a waste”. I looked around and my attention was drawn to the lady who works the cash register. She had pasted on her face one of those fake smiles that somehow displayed all your central incisors but carry no real depth behind it, which unfortunately after years of having to smile at every customer for a living had sadly become permanently paved onto her face. I felt slightly sad for cashier lady, aside from the fake smile she is always so sweet and amenable towards me. Then again there is no way of telling if she secretly harbored feelings of punching me in the throat on days I made extra demands. Like the day I demanded fresh bagels as the ones on display looked oddly like what was on display the previous day.
As my eyes floated a little far east I sighted sneaker boy. Sneaker boy is a mystery to me, I come here every other morning of the week and sure enough sneaker boy can always be found on the far east corner of the coffee shop, wearing the same All Star sneakers he wore 14 months ago when I first walked into the shop. I sometimes fantasize about the adventures those sneakers have been on. Have those sneakers walked along an inclined path way on its way to an all-night concert rave? The well-fitting fashionable jean trouser sneaker boy has on along with the long hippie hair might propose he may be an all-night rave kind of person. Or rather have those sneakers danced out in the street at midnight as it rained, all the while in the company of feminine ballet shoes worn by a lady sneaker boy was once in love with? Maybe sneaker boy is an international student from London enrolled in a university nearby and somehow his luggage which got missing at the airport upon he’s arrival still can’t be found months later. I like that sneaker boy is a mystery, I like fantasizing of where and what those once white but now muddy brown All Star sneakers have been up to.
I finally reluctantly let my gaze drift north, and sure enough it was caught by Mr. B. The smile which he offered to me as a gesture of acknowledgement of some deeper understanding between us was returned with what felt on my face like a grimace of disapproval. Mr. B I knew far too well. Next to Mr. B sat Mrs. B who looked to hang on to every word coming out of Mr. B’s mouth like a patient on life support. You see Mr. B is the type of man who puts his best face forward in public thus he is loved by everyone. Even cashier lady once gave Mr. B what could almost have passed as a genuine smile. Just the other day as I walked out of the coffee shop along the route I commonly patronize on day’s I decide not to take in the beauty of the town but rather get to my apartment sooner, I saw Mr. B with another lady who wasn’t Mrs. B. The usual how is it going Mr. B which I had gotten accustomed to saying to him was quickly withheld as I saw Mr. B’s hands go to places a married man’s hands should not on another lady. I heard Mr. B brag about he’s accomplishments and promising to take this naive young lady on a private trip, I noticed that Mr. B’s ring was missing. As I was about to change my route, it was too late as Mr. B had caught sight of me and uttered an overly cheerful “how’s it going” to which I muffled a reply and quicken my steps to get as far away from the awkward situation.
I too was once deceived by the two-face nature of Mr. B, but after that faithful morning the veil in which he had over my eyes drifted away and I realized that although Mrs. B hangs onto every word of Mr. B, Mr. B hardly ever pays attention when she speaks and I have sometimes caught his wavering eyes staring seconds too long as a lady walked by he’s and Mrs. B’s table. I pick up my book and head towards cashier lady to pay for the overpriced coffee and biscuits I had just consumed. As I acknowledged cashier lady’s fake smile and walked out the shop, I wonder about the new customers I may come across next. One thing was for sure, sneaker boy would be present serving as the constant mystery that he is.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

The One

The day I thought my treasure was stolen
Was the day, my mine was discovered
The minutes the sad words were spoken
Were the ones that came before destiny
A lady from deep memory appeared
She was thin and elegant
Her voice was outstanding and eloquent
Gentle Lady, why did you let me wander all these years?
"I am sorry John, I couldn't talk to you."
But you came when I needed you the most
You are here although I am yet to be healed
From a past injury which made me a monster
"Well, I am here with you for life. Take your time."
You are the sweetest I have ever seen
"I will be the last you have ever seen."
Oh mountains, bow down
Roads, flatten yourselves
For, she is landing on my soil
Let all birds surround her singing
Let the ocean plays a sweet music
Let the rocks write the lyrics
Here I am coming , levitating from the abyss
Give me your hand,princess
"Don't ask me ,just hold them.they are yours."
Are you ready for our intergalactic journey
"Come into my ship.You are the pilot."



Many Ways

There are so many times in so many ways
The door is still closed until you finally open it
"Open the door, Mr. J,you have the key."
Here I am, my queen!
"Let's go in the dark, I will shine you with my lamp
We are going to play hide and seek
Come on , it has been too long"
We run like lunatics in a dark garden
We together eat the forbidden fruit
"Cause so many times in so many ways"
We do it with a passionate heart
"Mr.J , What do you want to dance tonight?"
La Bachata would be great Ms.Kiki
"Let's move one two to the left "
And one two to the right
After that I want to stay close
"I want to give you a tight hug"
Because so many ways and so many times
"We drink the honey and dive into the oily pool"
We stick tight as we embrace our love
It's not always about the outside
It's also about living together
"I promise to take care of you in the darkest of the nights"
Do you know what I am thinking?
"Yes, how do you call your Lover girl?"
Lady Kiki.
"You know what?
There are so many ways
You make say :oh yeah"
And there are so many of your words
That make me scream :yes !
"Please, would you mind telling me the first letter of our alphabet?"
It is L and stands for Love
"Cause so many times in so many ways"
It doesn't have to be a touch but could just be a word

It is the way we celebrate and ignore the worries of this world.
"No fear in our heart
No stop in our road"
No reason to leave
And No reason to run
"No distrust in my mind "
No deception in my words
We can prove it in so many ways



Fire in the cold

We could bend without having to break
We could fall without having to lay on the ground
We could get beaten without having to die

"I have run away in the cold season
The ice was tormentimg our bones
But if had three stones ,we could have made a fire
Things didn't have to go in this direction
But the weather got too cold
That is why I left"
Please don't go ,we can still make the fire
I have three rocks that will work
Let us make a fire in the icy cold
""Can we burn in the cold ?
Smile in our pain?
Pretend like nothing is happening?
Can we look at the blade slashing through our skin?
Can we turn the water into wine?"
Silence! Why are you afraid of the wind?
It had to hit our land
Why are you running because of reality?
We are in this together
We could have stayed together
Stop being a coward, it is part of life
"I thought you could fix it all."
But I can't fix it all
"I thought you could have been better"
But I am doing my best
"I feel like we could have.."
Why is it all about you?
Why is it all about your mind?
Isn't it all about us?
Why can't you see, there can be fire in the cold?
There could be love in this reality
Stop running because life stings
It's supposed to do so
We are here together
"I am sorry.."
It's okay baby
It's just fire in the cold.
"You are my fire in the cold"
Thank you honey.



Ti amo tanto

A prima vista,ho perso la testa per te
Tra milliardi di personne, ho scelto te
Talora,mi chiedo se tu vieni dal cielo
Quando mi sveglio,penso molto a te
Quando dormo, apparisci nel mio sogno
Senza te, la mia vita non ha senzo
Veramente, sei il mio rimedio
Indubbiamente, sei la soluzione ai miei problemi
Sei un simbolo della bellezza
Tu, sei la mia luce
Il tuo amore mi fa felice , il mio fiore
La tua voce sempre mi guarisce
Quando ti guardo, il mio cuore batte
Non posso fuggire da te quando mi tocchi
Il tuo sorriso mi fa pazzo
Giorno per giorno, scuoti il mio mondo
Sai accendermi , mia futura moglie
Sai spegnermi anche
Appertengo a te, appartieni a me
Ti amo tanto , mia futura moglie



Thursday, February 2, 2017

Je l'aime encore

Il y a des choses qu'on ne peut pas ignorer
Quand quelqu'un frappe si fort à ta porte
Et elle te dit : "Je t'aime, chéri."
Ton monde est changé à jamais
Crois moi parce que j'ai un témoignage
Mon amour pour elle
C'est comme les éclaires du ciel
C'est comme le tonnerre qui gronde
Comme le serment du pasteur
Tu vois combien je l'aime
Je l'aime comme un bébé qui crie
Comme un lion qui rugit
Une femme qui pousse en douleur d'enfance
Je l'aime comme un guerrier qui combat avec conviction
Je l'aime comme le soleil qui brille dans toute sa force
Comme une bonne nouvelle d'espoir
Je l'aime et je l'aime encore
C'est comme ça , je l'aime